Proposal Submission Guidelines

How to submit a proposal to the Proposal Repository?

Can I send my proposal by post?
No, we accept proposals only by eMail.

How would I know the Proposal Repository has received proposal?
You will get an email reply confirming, we have received your email.

How would I know the Proposal Repository has accepted proposal?
You will be notified by eMail.

How many Proposals can I submit to the Proposal Repository?
If you are a non-profit (NGO, Institution or Nonprofit Business) then you can submit up to 20 new project proposals and up to 30 ongoing project proposals per year. For each additional proposal you'll have to pay $20.

What should be the size of proposal for the Proposal Repository?
You may submit up to 6 pages (220 words per page) long proposal.

Can I send Proposal in Power Point file?
No, we only accept proposal in Word File.

Can I submit video with my proposal?
Yes, you can email video link along with your proposal.

Do you provide any Proposal Template?
We do not provide any proposal template; you may get it searching on web for FREE.

I've submitted my proposal, now what?
In a week time, the Proposal Repository team will make a concise copy of it and upload it on along with a ref. code. And it will also be uploaded on privately accessible database for internal use by funding agencies and consultants.

I've read my proposal will be funded if it is selected by Donor through the Proposal Repository but, how would I know that?
The Proposal Repository team will contact you through eMail or cell phone.

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